Next time you head to your favorite warehouse bargain store to pick up toilet paper in bulk, grab yourself a little bling while you're at it. The warehouse retailer, known for selling bargain-priced everything just sold a $400,000 diamond ring last quarter.

Most known for their bargain prices on household items, food, and even clothes, Costco is trying their hand in a different area of business including expensive engagement rings. Although not a true blue box Tiffany's ring, it looks strikingly similar to the top end counterpart and, expert jewelers say it’s a quality ring at a fair price point.

The Costco page has all the details on a ring matching the description, although Costco isn't giving many details except for the confirmation of the sale last week through their Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti to Bloomberg analysts on a conference call. The ring on the Costco site with such a high price point is described as a Round Brilliant Diamond Platinum Solitaire Ring, which boasts 10.03 carats, an I-color rock, and VS1 clarity. Not too shabby.

If the price tag is a bit too high, there are several others available on the site for upwards of $100,000. They aim to please. Not exactly what you'd expect from a store associated with bulk hot dogs, frozen pizzas and pantry items, huh?


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