The chef and his crew ended up feeding more than 7,000 flood victims.

Brett Cox is a retired chef; he now lives in Florida, but he was born and raised in Livonia and lived in the Fenton area for more than two decades.

Back in 2018, he wanted to help out the victims of the "100-year flood" in Louisiana that occurred after Hurricane Michael.

He put a team together to help feed the volunteers and victims of the flood; afterward, he set up a Facebook page called the Cooking Cajun Army and vowed to dedicate more of his free time to helping victims of natural disasters throughout the country.

He was making his way to Michigan in June anyways to get married in Linden and decided to make good use of his time by feeding thousands of flood victims and volunteers in Sanford.

“To get the opportunity to come up here and serve my homeland, my home state, there was not a question,” Brett told WNEM-TV 5.

To keep everybody safe during COVID-19, he created a drive-thru system for the meals, with volunteers wearing masks and gloves. Residents who had been affected by the dam breaches could pull and receive a free meal through their car window.

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And there was no limit on how many meals a person could take; a lot of people pulled up to feed 20+ volunteers at a time.

I don't know Brett personally, but we have several mutual friends who have all said that he's a great guy. After this, I'd have to agree. Thank you, Brett! And congratulations on your marriage!

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