In October 2017 Consumers Energy asked the Michigan Public Service Commission for a natural gas rate increase of $178.2 million. Consumers later reduce their rate to $86.2 million. The good news for those of us that pay consumers each month, is that those two requests were not granted.

The request that was approved was for Consumers Energy to increase the natural gas rate by $10.6 million. This is still a large increase, but only 6% of what they originally asked for.

How and when will this affect your bill? Residential customers using 10,000 cubic feet of natural gas per month will see an increase of 44 cents on their bill. The increase begins tomorrow (September 1st).

10,000 cubic feet of natural gas in one month may seem like a lot, but it really isn't. I just looked at my bill and I used more than 10,000 cubic feet of natural gas in January, February, March, and April of this year. It must have been really cold in January because I used 19,300 cubic feet of natural gas that month.

I guess I will be getting a higher bill in the months I am already paying the most.


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