Because that's what we do, isn't it?

The Midland County flood was the leading story on the national news last night. More than 150 people are at the makeshift shelter at Midland High School; at this point, they have nowhere else to go. And their fellow Michiganders are coming together to offer their help.

More than 60 volunteers just "showed up," according to former Midland school board member Jerry Wasserman. According to ABC 12, Wasserman said that "Three nurses, three aides from nursing homes, a bunch of students, a bunch of teachers, just people in town, just showing up and saying put me to work.”

Wasserman is working the day shift at the shelter and the superintendent of Midland Schools is working the night shift. And, to keep the rules of social distancing, all beds are placed at least six feet apart. A crew of volunteers is constantly traveling around the shelter, wiping down surfaces, and giving out hand sanitizer to residents.

Speaking of hand sanitizer, it's actually the item that they need the most at the shelter.

The Midland Area Community Foundation, 211, and the United Way of Midland County have set up a website where you can help residents affected by the flood. Originally, it was set up for coronavirus relief, which is a solemn reminder that this isn't the only struggle for residents right now.

To find out how you can help, visit The site allows you to donate and sign up to volunteer.

Thank you to EVERYBODY who is helping right now.

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