Celebrations turned to violence in East Lansing on Saturday after the Michigan State Spartans toppled the University of Michigan Wolverines 37 to 33.

At least one car was overturned and several couches and mattresses were set on fire as part of the revelry that followed the win. Much of the chaos centered around the Cedar Village apartment complex which is located just off the MSU campus.

There was a significant police presence in the area according to Lansing TV station WILX-TV. The Toyota SUV was badly damaged, its windows were blown out, and the license plate was missing.

Police tell WLNS-TV that there were about 3,000 people celebrating at the apartment complex shortly after the victory when the violence broke out.

Deputy Police Chief Steve Gonzalez tells told the station that while police were not anticipating more violence Saturday (10/30) evening, they were expecting a large gathering of people.

"Later in the night, I think we can expect probably not another large gathering like this or property destruction but we can expect a busy night of parties and things like that."

It is unknown how many arrests were made following Saturday's mayhem on or near the campus.

Additionally, two people were found dead in an East Lansing home following Saturday's chaos. At this time, police are not saying if there is a connection between the deaths and the mayhem that followed Saturday's Big 10 game. Both people had been shot, but police were not able to say if the deaths were being investigated as a homicide or a murder-suicide.

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