If it's a day that ends in "y," there's another hero to recognize.

We received an email from Olivia in Grand Blanc, and we couldn't agree more with her nomination. She wrote:

My husband and his coworkers working for Child Protective Services of Genesee County (and the State of Michigan) are largely working from home but still blow me away with how much they care for the children of Genesee County.
Even though they must limit their in-person contact with children and families and there are multiple factors making their jobs much harder right now, my husband and each of his coworkers continue to work every day to do everything they can to ensure children’s safety.
I’d like to give a special thank you to the individuals who volunteered to serve as a field team so that their coworkers could limit their exposure to others during these dangerous times. I am really proud of the work my husband and his coworkers do right here in Genesee County and I am thankful for them putting the safety and health of so many others first. 
Please note, while I’d like to share their names I think it is safer for them to respect their anonymity. But they’ll know who they are ❤️
To nominate your local hero of the day, email their story and a photo to AJ@wcrz.com.
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