My mailbox got hit by a snow plow when they cleared all that snow we got hammered with at the beginning of January.  They knocked the door off the front, and did major damage to the post that held it up.  I attempted to contact the Genesee County Road Commission to ask if and when they would replace it.  They finally called me back today... almost four weeks after my initial call.

Ironically, I woke up yesterday (Sunday) morning to discover that they had not only hit it again, but snapped the post itself. I was told that they will not come out to replace it because they don't have the manpower, and that they would reimburse me to replace it... up to $20.

Hold on... $20?  You can't get a decent mailbox for $20, let alone the post!! In most cases, posts are sold separately and cost between $15 and $20.  So I decided to see if it's possible to fix my mailbox/post for less than $20.  See how I do in the video below.

If you're a Genesse county resident and your mailbox was damaged by a snow plow, send your name, address and a receipt to:

211 W Oakley St
Flint, Michigan, 48503

In Lapeer County, the address is:

820 Davis Lake Rd
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

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