He says that he wants teenagers to feel good about themselves, regardless of their situation.

Dillon Eisman, a 16-year-old high school junior, was moved after he visited an LGBT center in Los Angeles two years ago - he saw that, while there were quite large piles of clothes donated for homeless teens, a lot of those clothes left a lot to be desired. And if there's one thing we all know, yes - kids, especially teens, are judged on their clothes at school.

He grabbed his mom's sewing machine, watched YouTube tutorials and read WikiHow pages and started to make the donated clothes more fashionable. Dillon's mom says that he even turned a pair of her old bell-bottoms into a trendy dress.

His mom says that these clothes are especially important for these teens when they go out on a job interview. Dillon has started his own non-profit called Sew Swag.

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