The driver says she didn't know the eight-year-old child was autistic. That matters?

Cathy Goetz who drives bus for Ashland City Schools in Ohio, is facing criminal charges after she was caught on video slapping an 8-year-old-boy. According to the police report, the 43-year-old bus driver told investigators she did not know the child was 'autistic,' and that when he started screaming, she tried to get him to stop.

The video shows that the boy continued to scream, and Goetz eventually stopped the bus and confronted him.She is seen in the video smacking the boy, and he is then heard threatening to kill her.

Goetz was charged with assault, menacing and child endangering. She was initially suspended with pay, but she is now suspended without pay and could face termination. The video below shows the incident. Warning! It's a little hard to watch.