The mother of one of the children on the bus is furious and wants answers.

Last Thursday, Bethann Rey's son and daughter boarded their bus in Hazel Park from Momentum Academy to go home. She later found out that the bus driver stopped at a Little Caesars in Ferndale on the way.

No, she wasn't throwing a pizza party for the kids - she left the bus running, left the kids on board, and went inside to buy breadsticks. And she heard about it from her son the next day.

She called the Hazel Park police, who said that it's not a police matter. When WXYZ contacted them, they said that because it happened in Ferndale, it's out of their jurisdiction. The school district has not yet commented.

Rey's son also claims that the bus driver confronted him, saying that she knows that he's the one "who told on me."

Lady, if you're gonna stop for food, it's only polite to get breadsticks for EVERYBODY, right?

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