And, inadvertently, he's making US cry, too. But that's totally okay. 

John Lunceford has been driving school bus for three years in the Kennewick, Washington school district. He was making his rounds last Thursday when a little boy, whose hands and ears were red, was crying.

According to a statement by the district, he gave him his gloves and told him that it was going to be okay. Still, the thought of the little boy bothered him throughout the day, so he went to the dollar store and bought ten hats and ten pairs of gloves. He brought them to the school, where school officials told him that the little boy was in the library. He dropped off the gloves and hat for him.

John also told the rest of the kids in the library that, if they were on his route, he'd have gloves and hats for them. He said that he's a grandfather, and no kid should suffer like that.

More. People. Like. John. That's what we need.