Buick City

Looks like the location that once housed the Buick City plant will get cleaned up, find out all the details below.

FLINT -- Motors Liquidation Company will spent $42.4 million to clean up nine contaminated sites in Flint, the bulk of it -- about $33 million -- for a cleanup of Buick City that is already underway.

The office of Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm announced the commitment -- part of a settlement between Motors Liquidation and the Obama administration -- in a news release today.
A portion of the former General Motors' Buick City site in Flint is shown in this Flint Journal file photo.
Granholm's office said the $42.4 million for Flint is part of $159 million for GM properties in Michigan that were shed by the automaker as it went through bankruptcy.
"The settlement ... addresses Old GM's environmental liabilities under several federal and state environmental laws at the 89 properties still owned by Old GM in Michigan and 13 other states," the news release said.

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