MDOT will be doing bridge inspections this summer on I-475, and they start today with the Hill Road overpass in Grand Blanc Township. Lanes on I-457 and Hill Road will be closed today (Wednesday) through Friday.

Begining today one lane of Northbound 475 will be closed. This will make the entrance ramp to Northbound 475 a yield as you enter. This portion should be wrapped up by 3 pm, then tomorrow they will close a lane of Southbound 475. As you enter Southbound 475 from Hill Road tomorrow morning, you will have to yield to traffic. Then on Friday, lanes of Hill Road along the overpass will be closed. Each day the construction and lane closures are expected to only take place from 9 am to 3 pm.

As we move closer to summer, future bridge inspections will take place along 475. Those projects have not been announced yet.


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