Prom is expensive, even when you HAVE the money. So, a local business owner is doing her part to help out.

Victoria Griggs owns Forever Bella Boutique here in Burton and for almost a decade, they've been supplying prom dresses to high school students who can't afford it.

Dresses are donated from the community and then provided to teenage girls from the community. Griggs and her staff reach out to local high schools so that, if they know a young lady is having a hard time financially, they can get her a dress.

If they don't have a dress that fits, local business sponsors have offered up $100 a piece to purchase a dress that DOES fit.

I LOVE THIS! I remember working extra hours at my job when I was in high school to pay for my prom dress, and they are SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE now. It's an experience that every student deserves to have, regardless of socioeconomic background.

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