The Great Lakes Region of the American Red Cross (where we live) needs to collect approximately 700 units of blood each and every day to keep up with the needs of our community's hospitals. The need for blood and blood products never takes a day off. Locally, there is an immediate need for Platelets, a blood component used to treat cancer patients and others who are very sick.
The Red Cross is stepping up efforts to reach donors, but so far the response is not sufficient to meet current needs. Anyone who is eligible to donate blood or platelets is being asked to do so as soon as possible. For those who have never donated or haven't donated in a while, your gift really does save lives. As an added incentive for donors, during the month of October you have a chance to win a $250 Meijer gift card when you attempt to donate. Whole blood donors can donate up to 8 times a year. Platelet donors can give as many as 24 times. Call the American Red Cross at 1-800-REDCROSS or visit

I am a platelet donor. It feels good to know that you can do something to really help others. The cookies and donuts they give you ain't bad, either.