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Need For Blood Never Takes a Holiday
While most of us are enjoying our extended Labor Day weekend, someone is in need of blood products to save their life.  The need for blood is there 24/7, 365 days a year.  That is where you come in.
Red Cross Staff Returns To Work, Time to Save Some Lives
The strike between blood services workers and the American Red Cross has been suspended, with the staff returning to work without a contract. Negotiations will continue between the union and the Red Cross to resolve the issues that led to the strike and a stoppage of blood collections for several w…
March is American Red Cross Month
By Presidential Proclamation, March is American Red Cross month. Since 1943 Americans have recognized the Red Cross for the many ways they help people. The Red Cross collects blood (I'm a regular platelet donor) and blood products to help save lives...
Give The Gift of Life This Holiday Season
With the holiday season, we have endured a constant barrage of solicitations from charities. The need is real, but many of us are wondering how we are going to pay our own bills. You want to help somehow. You can, and you don't need to get out your checkbook. By donating blood through the Americ…

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