There seems to be a slew of warnings making the rounds on social media, and you may want to pay attention. Listening could keep you from serious harm.

A new warning is making the rounds on social media, and it's one you definitely need to pay attention to if you're in Michigan. Not too long ago, a warning went out about thieves targeting individuals by placing a water bottle under their car tires. Now the warning is going out warning everyone to watch themselves at their local gas station and it's all about fruit.

So, what's the deal with fruit at gas stations? It sounds bizarre, right? Here’s the scoop: according to the viral video, these seemingly innocent fruits might be part of a signal process for drug dealers.

In a video posted by Danny Hill (@djdannyhill), he warns that when you see an orange placed on top of a gas pump, do not touch it! When the fruit is sitting on top of a gas pump, all eyes are on you by a nearby drug dealer. Taking a piece signals to the dealer that you want to buy a certain kind of drug based on the fruit you choose.

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According to Danny Hiil, once you make your selection, the dealer approaches you to deliver.  In the video, he strongly states,  "If you didn't ask for a drug, you're in a world of hurt." He also warns, as if he needs to because 'duh', never eat a piece of fruit or anything you find on the top of a gas pump.

So is his warning legit? Hard to say. Many comments on the post indicate yes and many question if the guy is really on the up and up. Still, maybe steer clear of the whole "free fruit at the gas station" thing and still to the produce section of your local market.

Check out his full warning video below.

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