It has been suspected for a long time, but now some research indicates that poor health habits can affect  your work performance, too?

After surveying almost 20,000 workers they found that employees who don’t eat well were 66 percent more likely to experience a loss in productivity than those with healthier diets. Also found less productive than their peers were smokers. The tie-in between your health and job performance is a real factor in your life.

If you own a business it might make sense to provide your employees gym memberships to help them remain healthy. Workers who had difficulty exercising during the work day were almost twice as likely to be less productive.

“Our research confirms that employee productivity loss is associated with low well-being, poor health behaviors, elevated health risks and the presence of chronic disease,” said researcher Dr. James Pope.

“Business leaders [can] reduce [these] factors by implementing comprehensive, best practice workplace wellness programs,” he added, “which in turn can lead to improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity and profitability for employers.”

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