So you may have heard that the popular, vile, terrible-but-oh-so-great card game Cards Against Humanity is hiring writers.

It wasn't even the $40-an-hour or the "working from wherever the hell you are" aspect that appealed to me - it was the writing part. Not only writing for a game that brings joy to so many - it was the part where I'd get to actually jot down those horrific jokes that I would never say in public. 


I grew up in a board game/card-playing family, but unfortunately, that era seems to be a distant memory. My husband and co-host, Pat, doesn't care for them, and my son will only play with me if it's Star Wars or poop-themed.

However, when CAH was becoming popular, I thought, "Maybe THIS is a game that my husband would enjoy," so I bought it. And lo, it would be so.

I'll never forget the first time that I played it - an Auschwitz card had me rolling on the floor, laughing. The guilt was overwhelming, but I was in close and trustworthy company, so it was okay.

An actual photo I took of playing CAH in South Bend, Indiana with friends. -via Pat & AJ

But there's something darker about WRITING those jokes. Darker...and satisfying. 

I love to make people laugh. I was voted the "funniest girl" in the Wauwatosa West High School Class of 2001, which I still hang my hat on, 17 years later. I've been told that my brutal honesty is part of my this SHOULD be easy, right?

It wasn't.

I literally had to ask myself, "What's something that people are afraid to make fun of but would laugh at if somebody ELSE said it?" Well, I'm willing to be that "somebody else." I'm willing to say "those things" that you're afraid to say.

Hey, let's be honest - without people like me, who aren't afraid to go that extra vile mile, you wouldn't have games like CAH. 

I'll let you know if they get back to me. Or maybe I won't - I wouldn't want you to know which jokes are mine. Or would I?????