Trust me when we say, we get it. The ongoing joke right now, that's more of a truth than a laugh, is we will all look completely in shambles when this is over, so we wanted to help.

With hair salons, nail salons, barbers and spas currently closed, many are wondering what to do. Although it  won't be as perfect as the professionals, we are going to try to provide a few tips for some DIY fixes.

If you are a nail person you know that it requires a "every 2 week" schedule, especially for shellac or acrylic nails. If you are getting to the point of needing a fill or simply ready to forego the claws until life is normal again we have an expert ready to offer some guidance.

First and foremost, removing shellac or acrylic nails improperly can lead to damage that can be permanent to the nail bed.  Nail Technician Heather Gagnon of Pure Bliss Salon & Spa has offered up a tutorial to walk you through the steps in the video below.

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Although salons and spas are currently closed to clients, many are offering online product sales and gift cards. Shopping online for those items will really help support local businesses during this time. Be sure to schedule with you favorite hair and nail salon as soon as things are back to business as usual

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