When you look at snowfall and the bitter cold, this has been the worst Michigan winter since the mid-1790s. Hopefully this long battle with Mother Nature is coming to an end as temperatures are finally on their way up. Today's high was forecast to be 28, and yet we're currently at 37. Tomorrow is supposed to be 45, and high temps will be above freezing through the middle of next week.

While we will certainly welcome a warm up, we need to also be prepared. At my house, we still have two to three feet of snow in our front yard. There's a snow drift that's easily between four and five feet behind the radio station. So what happens when all this snow melts? You got it! Flooding... lots and lots of flooding.

Hopefully nothing like what we saw on May 3, 2012. My wife has a temper like a violent thunderstorm, and on her birthday, May 3, back in 2012, we had the fallout to go with it. More than six inches of rain caused some of the worst flooding the Flint area has ever seen.

Linden Road just south of Bristol always seems to be a flooding hot spot, as it I-475 under I-69.  What are some areas to look out for?