They even brought supplies to make homemade gumbo and jambalaya.

Dwayne Richard lives in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, which is just west of Baton Rouge. He survived 17 surgeries after a terrible fall; he always said that, if he could make it out of a wheelchair, he would give back to the community.

His family was helped by others when he was in the hospital; he said that they "lifted the burden" for them. Now, it's his turn to help.

Dwayne's Dream Team packed up over Memorial Day weekend and drove 19 hours to Sanford, Michigan after his wife had seen the flood devastation on the news.

They set up their visit with the United Way and brought clothes and furniture that were donated from their church, as well as supplies to cook for 500 people.

Dwayne told his local news station, KLFY that "We just felt the need to come here because they’re initial needs of clothing are now satisfied. Now when they get all their living arrangements settled, we will go ahead and give furniture to them.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, they served fresh, handmade gumbo and jambalaya outside the Red Oak Restaurant in Sanford - 15 gallons worth. After their stop in Michigan, they'll head back south to help the survivors of a recent tornado.

Unreal - this guy and his "dream team" took their holiday weekend to drive for almost an entire day straight to help out people that they didn't even know. Now THAT is the definition of "southern hospitality." Thank you, dream team!

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