The US Army is considering giving women more opportunities in the military. Opportunities that add risk and danger, but also a chance to advance through the ranks. Right now, women are not allowed in the Infantry, which is usually on the front lines in war.

Army Chief of Staff, General Raymond Odierno believes that if women are to move to jobs closer to the front lines such as Infantry, that the next logical step is that some will go through Ranger School. About 90 percent of senior Army officers have gone through the school and are qualified as Rangers.

Going to Ranger school, however, does not automatically mean that they would serve in the Army's three elite Ranger Battalions, which are special operations forces. In fact, many male soldiers who wear the coveted Ranger tab on their uniform, never actually serve in one of the Ranger battalions.

Still, if door of opportunity is opened, someone will find a way through it. If women are allowed to be in the Armed Forces, they should have the chance to do whatever they're capable of.

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