When Skylar Johnson was asked to be in a spelling bee at her school, she wondered why since they had never had one before. She had no idea it was part of a plot.
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Therron Johnson went a little above and beyond the call of duty to make his home coming a little extra special for his daughter, Skylar.
Witness the wonderful reunion after the jump.

Her dad, Staff Sgt. Therron Johnson, surprised his daughter Skylar on Friday during a mock fourth-grade spelling bee at Boca Raton Elementary School. When she correctly spelled s-e-r-g-e-a-n-t, her father stepped from behind the curtain. They clutched each other as applause echoed through the cafeteria.

School administrators coordinated the reunion conspiracy by exchanging emails with Johnson in Iraq for the past month. Johnson had told Skylar and his son, Christian, 12, that he would be back home in late September. He then told them it changed to late October to throw them off.

Watch the video below and witness the heartwarming reunion.

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