Apparently, this happened a few years ago but he's recently been charged with assault and child abuse.

Justin Perez-Gorda, an Army specialist who served in Afghanistan (yes, he IS a veteran...just not quite how he presented it) was injured in an IED attack. His wife told the local news, while he's sitting next to her in a wheelchair, that he lost permanent use of his lower extremities.

An organization called Homes for Our Troops built Justin and his wife a wheelchair-accessible house in Dripping Springs, Texas. After they moved in, neighbors reported seeing Justin walking around the property and reported it to Home for Our Troops. When local news stations started to ask questions, they got a pretty cold response.

One YouTube commenter did some digging and found that the federal government had filed suit against him in 2017, and there's a mugshot online claiming injury to a child with intent.

Can't believe this guy!



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