If your spouse or friends have been missing in action lately, it's probably because they have been busy putting up their tree stand or scouting out a good spot to put one.  Bow season starts Monday, October 1st in Michigan.

Many hunters prefer to hunt with bow and arrow as it presents more of a challenge to bag their quarry.  Others see it as an opportunity to spend more quality time in the woods as Archery Deer Season goes from Oct.1 through Nov 14th.

After firearm deer season closes out the last weeks of November, there are more opportunities to take to the woods with your bow to bag a buck or doe.

Be sure to check with the DNR about licensing and hunting seasons and restrictions.  www.michigan.gov/dnr/

You can also pick up a copy of hunting/fishing rules and regulations wherever you buy your hunting/fishing license.

If you happen to have success hunting this season, consider donating some of your venison to local food banks.  Your deep processor can probably help you with that, or you can visit:  www.sportsmenagainsthunger.org

Deer hunting is very popular in Michigan and it brings a lot of money into our state through tourism from within and outside our borders.

If you are heading to the woods to hunt the elusive Whitetail Buck, be safe and good luck.  If you miss, send him my way!

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