Flint is known to produce some of the best boxers around and one of those legends Anthony Dirrell finally gets a mural in downtown Flint right next to the GWOAT Clarissa Shields!

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It's a beautiful thing to see people finally receive their roses and the Dirrell brothers have been holding down boxing for the Flint area since I was a kid. So to see such a dope mural is like fitting the final piece to the puzzle.

The mural is located on the side of Julie's Pawn & Jewelry on Saginaw Street in downtown Flint if you wanna check it out for yourself. Anthony who last fought in February holds an impressive record of 33 wins and 2 losses Anthony is still very much a top-level competitor. Let's hope that we see him in the ring soon, but with COVID-19 still being a huge issue, boxing events are getting harder and harder to organize.

Until the next time we see Anthony in the ring, let's let him know that he's inspired a whole generation of upcoming fighters. Anthony is the shining example of what can happen if you follow your dreams even if you are from the small city of Flint.

Make sure you check out the Dirrell's Chance Foundation by clicking here! 


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