Anthony "The Dog" Dirrell gave the boxing world something to talk about this weekend after a spectacular knock out of Marcos Hernandez.

Dirrell was fighting on the Canelo undercard in Vegas when he pulled off the knock out of the year. With a couple minutes left in the 4th round, Dirrell threw a haymaker that caught Hernandez square on the chin. Hernandez went down in a heap, and Dirrell celebrated with an impressive backflip.

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As you can imagine, social media lit up with reaction to the incredible knock out from Dirrell.

Once the dust settled, and someone woke up Hernandez to tell him it was time to go home, Dirrell talked about the punch.

Dirrell talked about how he saw the window open for the uppercut, and that it was not all that unexpected. He and his trainer noticed that Hernandez had a tendency in previous fights to open up for a haymaker. Dirrell said that he had worked on the punch in sparring sessions, so once the opportunity presented itself, he knew exactly what to do.

So what now for Anthony Dirrell?

Dirrell is a two time Super Middleweight Champion, but at 37 years old the chance to fight for a championship again is getting slim.

Dirrell made it very clear after the fight that he wants to see that chance happen against current champ, Canelo Alvarez. It just so happens that Dirrell's fight was part of the undercard for a title fight that Alvarez won.

Dirrell made it crystal clear in the post fight press conference that he wants a shot at the belt. He even went so far as to say that if he doesn't get a chance to fight Alvarez, that he would retire. You can see the entire press conference here.

I know we're all hoping that Dirrell will get a chance at the title, but even if he doesn't, we are all beyond proud of what he's been able to accomplish while representing Flint.

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