Claressa Shields celebrated Women's History Month by making history once again.

Claressa Shields proved once again that she is the GWOAT by becoming the first fighter ever to be the undisputed world champion in two different weight classes. Shields made history right here in Flint when she defeated Marie Diçaire by unanimous decision. Even thought crowd restrictions were in place, you could feel the full force of Flint behind our champion.

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You can watch a little bit of Shields dominate performance below.

Shields dominated the fight in every single round on her way to the unanimous decision. Just to give a little context here, Shields was not the only undefeated fighter in the ring Friday night. Diçaire came into the fight with a perfect record, and failed to win a singe round against the GWOAT.

Shields talked after the fight about what's next for her in the boxing world, considering all that she has already accomplished.

I don’t know what’s next in boxing but I’d love a rematch with Hanna Gabriels. I’d like to fight against Savannah Marshall. I’d love to go to 147 and get a match with Katie Taylor

There is even talk of Shields working her way up to a heavyweight fight, which seems nearly impossible, but with Shields we've learned that there is no such thing.

You probably remember that during the covid downtime in the boxing world, Shields announced a new venture in the MMA world. Shields is expected to make her debut in the MMA ring. There is nothing set in stone, but the talk is that Shields will take her first MMA match sometime in June. After that fight, she is thinking about jumping up another weight class to win another championship belt.

No matter what Shields next move is, she is already the greatest woman boxer to ever enter the ring. She is an outstanding role model for athletes of all ages, and she is the perfect ambassador for our city of Flint.

Thank you Claressa for pouring your heart and soul into what you do, and always representing Flint when you do it. We are beyond proud to have you represent us.


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