Claressa Shields has not met her equal in the boxing ring, so she is going to step into the MMA cage.

The Olympic Gold Medalist, and multiple championship belt holder has record breaking accomplishments in the boxing world. She's been named Sportswoman of the Year, along with Women's Boxing Athlete of the Decade already, so what's left for her to do? Well she is swapping her boxing gloves for a smaller pair of MMA fighting gloves in 2021.

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The announcement came down this week on the champs Instagram page.

Shields has decided to make the move to fight in the PFL (Professional Fighters League) as an MMA fighter.

MMA has a huge draw right now and this is as much about gaining more recognition as an elite athlete as it is about anything. The world knows that Shields is the undisputed queen of boxing already, but she is obviously hungry for more. The transition from boxing to MMA is a tough one though, and will definitely be a huge challenge.

Right now Shields is expected to start her MMA fighting career as a lightweight, but if we know anything about Shields, she will move through the ranks quickly.

If you're looking for more explanation of why Shields is making the move into MMA, you can find some answers on her new YouTube series here. She touches on many outside factors that may have lead to her decision.

No matter her motivation for the move, we are confident that she will be successful.


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