From playing Plinko with Drew Carey to coming up with the right questions to Alex Trebek's answers, we've seen a lot of people from our area winning big on TV game shows.

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A Few Highlights From Our List of Flint Game Show Contestants

  • You'll meet a man from Flint who is somewhat of a game show expert. Chad Mosher is a University of Michigan graduate who so far has made the national stage five times, beginning in 2003 when he was in 7th grade and got the chance to compete in a Jeopardy kids tournament.
  • There's also a former Grand Blanc resident whose name has been associated with a Jeopardy strategy that is used from time to time even today. Chuck Forrest appeared on the iconic quiz show in 1985, and stayed one step ahead of his fellow contestants by jumping around the board, rather than revealing clues in order from lowest to highest value. That strategy has become known as the 'Forrest Bounce,' and it's been rumored to be a strategy that the late Alex Trebek did not approve of.
  • But sometimes a trip to California to spin the wheel or answer some questions doesn't work out so well. In our list below, you'll meet a family from Lapeer who came back home with only memories of appearing on national TV and meeting Steve Harvey himself.

Maybe We Can Grow Our List

Do you have the chops to compete on a TV game show? We'd love to add you to our list, but more than that we'd love to see you bring home some big money!

And keep reading to take a look inside Alex Trebek's Studio City Mansion that just went on the market.

Meet the Flint Area Folks Who've Competed for Real Money on TV Game Shows

Jeopardy, Wheel, Millionaire, you name it, Flint-area folks have been on it.

Over the last several decades, we've seen lots of people from our area competing for and sometimes even winning big money.

Our list includes a former Grand Blanc resident whose Jeopardy strategy is still used today and is reputed to be a maneuver that Alex Trebek hated.

And we even have one gentleman from Flint who's considered a game show expert, appearing on five different shows over the years.

Flint + Saginaw's Most-Popular TV Anchors - Where Are They Now?

A lot of highly talented people have sat behind the anchor desks at the area's TV stations.

We're taking a look at some of the area's most popular news, weather, and sports anchors who have visited our homes electronically and then moved on.

Take a Peek Inside Alex Trebek's Studio City Mansion

Alex Trebek's beautiful, Studio City, California home just hit the market and it is breathtaking. T

The home is owned by Trebek's widow Jean and his daughter Emily is listing the home through Compass.

The beloved game show host, who passed away in 2020, purchased the home about 25 years ago for $2.5 million and is said to have taken on many DIY projects himself, giving it his own personal touch.

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