This stuff is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC and lasts forever.

So I'm pretty sure you can get this locally, but the first place I found it was on Amazon, so shop where you please.

For years, we had two small arbor vitaes on the sides of our garage. One of them was always green and flourising; the other, sadly, turned brown quickly. Couldn't keep it alive, and didn't want to plant another one. It looked awful, though. So, for our pool party last year, I bought this stuff.

Kid you not, it kept the arbor vitae green until I tore it out of the ground this past April. It lasted all summer and all winter. You couldn't even tell that it was dead.

This stuff also works great if you have brown patches of grass - maybe you're having your kid's open house and want to cover up the dead spots? Use this. Pat had our grill on the grass all winter, and now the grass below it is dead, so I applied this stuff and VOILA.

I bought this stuff last summer and, from my last Amazon search, it's no longer available. But this seems to be the most similar product I can find.

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