Take a breath, Michiganders. This really shouldn't affect your spring planting.

If you were anywhere near social media this weekend, you likely saw the mass complaining and petitions to recall Governor Gretchen Whitmer over the details of her latest Stay Home, Stay Safe order that was issued on Thursday.

The order states that Michiganders may not drive to their second homes up north and that portions of big-box retail stores that sell non-essential items must be closed.

Somewhere in the chaos, half the state spread the word that the Governor has banned gardening.


What it does mean is that the gardening centers at large stores, such as Walmart, should be closed off.

As of right now, greenhouses are not considered "essential," and that's ruffling feathers as well. However, local garden centers are responding, like Walker Farms in Burton:

Some local garden centers and greenhouses are even offering online ordering and curbside pickup:

People, c'mon. When the garden centers tell you to be patient and stop complaining, JUST DO IT.

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