Save Money by Starting Your Garden From Seeds
If you're planning to plant vegetables or flowers or both this year, you can save a ton of money by starting your plants from seeds. Maybe you planted seeds when you were in elementary school in a milk carton. The same principle applies here. All you need are some small containers (I like yogurt cups), some soil and some seeds.
Cars 108 Garden Is Growing
Every year my wife and I plant a garden on the grounds of the radio station.  We have a lot of land that otherwise would just need to be mowed, so I thought this would be a better use for some of it.
Get Heirloom Seeds At Flint Farmers’ Market
It was just the other day that I wrote a post about getting your gardens ready.  Now there's one more thing you might want to consider before deciding what to grow this year.  Heirloom seeds.  Remember the tomatoes your grandmother used to grow?  Or the wonderful squash you got from the farmer down the road?  You can now grow them yourself.