Tik Tol has announced that they will be regulating content that could be perceived as harmful to a younger audience.

I think this is a great idea on paper, especially with the wild nature of online videos and how almost anything can become viral. But, this could be a lowkey move to silence powerful influencers that speak negatively on certain topics, like the LGBTQ community.

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The company says it will more broadly ban content that promotes hoaxes, eating disorders and hateful ideologies with regard to the LGBTQ community and the safety of minors.

TikTok is also adding a Dangerous Acts and Challenges policy and making it easier for users to report content that violates it. Source:NBC25.com

I don't get how you rope eating disorders and hateful ideologies against the LGBTQ in the same sentence. Notice how they didn't mention any other community in that post. Now I'm all for the dismissal of hate speech but I don't think you should completely cancel someone or regulate something because the words hurt your feelings. The world is a dark and evil place, and words can be very powerful if they come out of the wrong mouth.

Unfortunately, when you build a machine with good intentions, that machine will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.  And after that machine gets done eating all the things it was intentionally designed for, it will begin to eat its own. Freedom of speech is being manipulated more and more as new apps and social media platforms are being developed. They use the third-party company angle in order to put in regulations that could completely remove you from the online environment. Which for some, is a lethal blow in regards to their career and livelihood. Just look at how the cancel culture is going after Joe Rogan. These new regulations look innocent on the surface, but when you least expect it, the real intention for these regulations will show its venomous head. Just wait, you'll see...

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