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I would have to imagine this will be tough as hell to enforce but Saginaw is banning all forms of smoking in all Saginaw city parks beginning on Sept. 3.

According to ABC 12, the Saginaw City Council passed the smoking ban this week. It outlaws smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes and marijuana in city-owned parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, athletic facilities and the community center.

Saginaw's city is hoping that with this ban, it will encourage healthier behavior among residents and reduce second-hand smoke to non-smokers. They're also wanting to reduce the risk of fires in the parks, not to mention all the littering that comes with smokers.

Mayor Floyd Kloc:

By adopting this ordinance, Saginaw is helping reduce the rate of tobacco use in the community and is demonstrating that our parks are where people go to improve their fitness and enjoy nature.

I'm sure you're wondering the same thing as me. How in the hell are they going to enforce this new ban? Apparently, the Saginaw Police Department will be in charge of enforcing this. Violations are subject to a municipal civil infraction, which carries up to a $50 fine.

Will smokers actually stop smoking in these parks? If you're a smoker, what do you think of this smoking ban in Saginaw? Will it stop you from smoking or simply stop you from going to city parks?

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