Sometimes it's the little things parents do that can change your whole day, especially when you're a 8 year old kid.

Raegan Theede, like most kids this past year, has been having a tough go of it. She lost her great grandpa and great grandmother within months of each other. Her baby brother became sick, but is doing perfect now, and of course there has been the craziness of COVID-19. To add to the mix, she knocked out her two front teeth while playing in gym class, and the worst...she’s been a victim of bullying.

Like mom Madeline Theede said, " Life’s hit Raegan pretty hard recently". Although there have been plenty of high notes for Rae, as she's known, her mom knew she needed something to brighten her day.

During a recent overnight away, Madeline, along with husband Kolin, sprang into action to surprise their daughter with a special room makeover. They transformed a longtime princess room into the ultimate "big girl" room with one key inspiration....Billie Eilish. Theede said, "If you know my girl, you know she loves Billie Eilish with her entire being." Rae was even Billie Eilish for Halloween.

Photo: Madeline Theede
Photo: Madeline Theede

Theede posted her daughters adorable reaction that included tears from both Rae and pretty much everyone that viewed the incredible reveal on Facebook. With Eilish's music playing, and pictures of the singer on the wall, Rae was overcome and beyond excited. Now comes the good part....

Photo; Madeline Theede
Photo; Madeline Theede

Mom Madeline shared the video to Tik Tok and tagged Eilish complete with a few details about the rough time Rae has been having. The post ended up with several comments, but one in particular stood was from Billie Eilish herself.

"I love her!!!! let me hug her!" Eilish wrote

Madelines Tik Tok

Theede said when she saw Eilish respond she was completely speechless.

"Someone messaged me and told me to look at my Tik Tok. I woke my husband up immediately. He saw it first and we were in shock. Rae responded like any 8 years old took her little brain a minute to understand what she was seeing and   I told her, 'Billie is talking to you through TikTok'."

Theede says the post has now gone viral and the comments and likes are growing by the minute, which wasn't her intention, but exciting to say the least.

"People have been making comments about how great of parents we are for doing this room makeover for our child. Their are so many other parents doing the same types of things when their kids are having a tough time. I want them to be recognized too.  I'm not the only one doing this, we just happened to be going viral. I hope we can be a inspiration."

Seems both the Theedes and Billie Eilish are spreading some smiles.

Check out the big reveal below.

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