If Michigan residents have a little too much to drink this holiday weekend, AAA is stepping up to ensure they make it home safely.

Regardless if you're a customer or not, AAA will make sure to get you home with their Tow to Go service. To top it, it's free.

Now, this doesn't mean you can go out and get all sauced up every day this weekend and expect to get a free ride home. The Tow to Go service should be a last resort situation.

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According to Fox 2 Detroit, It's designed as a confidential service for people who did not plan ahead and designate a sober driver, so appointments cannot be booked in advance. The service sounds awesome if you have to use it. They will take you home and even tow your vehicle home or somewhere within 10 miles.

You would only use this service if you got too buzzed up and couldn't get a ride from Lyft, Uber, or a friend.

Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA – The Auto Club Group:

The weekend will be filled with fireworks and other festivities, but please don’t bring the party on the road with you. The roads will already be extremely crowded this weekend, and adding alcohol just raises the risk of a deadly crash. As you lock-in your party plans, be sure to also setup a safe ride. If those plans fall through, call Tow to Go and AAA can give you a lift.


When Will Tow to Go Be Available?

Tow to Go will be offered from 6 pm July 1 until 6 am July 5.

How Do I Contact AAA for a Ride?

For a last resort ride, you can get a Tow to Go ride by calling 855-286-9246.

Keep this service in mind this weekend if you run out of options and need a ride home.

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