Friendly reminder your dog cannot eat everything you eat. It is hard to see them beg, but do not give your dog(s) these five Thanksgiving Day foods.

It is really hard to resist a begging dog when he or she wants to eat what you are eating. You know the look, that sweet face looking up at you, hoping for a handout, or that whatever it is you are eating, drops on the floor.

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As hard as it is to say no to your pup, it really is a matter of their own safety. I think most people know, a lot of what we eat - is not good for dogs. If you don't - keep reading. As we prepare for Thanksgiving dinner this week, keep in mind the majority of what is on your table, does not belong in your dog's bowl.

Turkey is not such a bad thing for your best friend, but turkey bones are, and so is the skin. I totally get the little bones being hazardous, but I had no idea about the turkey skin. Think about it, chances are the turkey you prepare is seasoned. Your dog does not have a sophisticated pallet. Dogs don't care about spices, and they should not be eating them. Onions and garlic in particular can be very toxic for dogs. Butter is also a no go too.

Chocolate is another no-no. Whether it be a chocolate cake, chocolate pie, or a chocolate martini - do not give anything chocolate to your dog(s). Even though dogs and cats, reportedly love the smell of chocolate is totally toxic for them.

You can check out a list of five additional Thanksgiving foods that are dangerous for dogs below (according to Pets Best and The Dog People). If you do have any problems or additional questions, you can call the Pet Poison Helpline 24/7 at (855) 764 - 7661. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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