As we ring in the new year this Sunday we all try to make some resolutions for 2018. A lot of people want to exercise more, lose weight, have more family time, maybe travel more. Not in Michigan. We have some unique resolutions according to Here are the top resolutions Michiganders are making this year.

1. To get better at euchre.

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I never learned how to play euchre, so maybe I should make this resolution this year?

2. Limit yourself to one Paczki this year.

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No, why would anyone limit themselves to one Paczki? It's called Fat Tuesday for a reason! This Polish girl will not partake in this resolution.

3. To control road rage while driving over potholes.

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It's no secret that Michigan roads are bad. I'm sure we have all thought that pothole was the one that might have blown a tire. Getting frustrated by the number of potholes isn't going to fix them though.

4. To see more of the Upper Peninsula

Jenny B

I took a trip up North this summer, and I highly recommend you do too. You will fall in love with our great state and it's beauty.

5. To swear less when the Lions lose in the last minute.

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It's so frustrating to see them lose in the last minute of the game! Michiganders are very invested fans, and we just want to have a winning team. Swearing less might be a challenge for some fans.

So we may not care about joining a gym or eating better, but we all have goals for 2018. If you want to ring in the new year with us this Sunday, get your tickets for the Flinttown Countdown now! We can make our resolutions together.