"New Year, New You"...and welcome to resolution season. This is the time when most people set those goals and make those promises to change something about themselves they feel needs changing. Exercising is one of the most common goals to start the new year, and that makes this time of year "gym season".

They say it's all about making a routine and sticking with it, but let's face it, it's sometimes easier said than done. If you are like me, I can't be counted on to work out at home on my own, and I'm admittedly one that plays better with others in a sense. I don't need to be physically doing the same exact thing, at the same time, but being in a gym with others sweating away somehow motivates me to keep moving.

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January is the perfect time for gyms to offer up their best deals on memberships and classes, and an even better time for consumers to take advantage of the awesome deals. Fortunately, around Genesee County, there's a wide variety of gyms with different approaches to getting offered.

From your stand workout facilities to specialized training programs, to CrossFit, to even boxing or dance-inspired workouts. Many gyms are offering free trials, or even fitness assessments as well with new memberships, so be sure to ask when checking out your new workout spot.

Check out these Genesee County gyms offering specials to kick of 2022 to help you get on your way to achieving goals.

10 Genesee County Gyms To Help You Get in Shape in 2022

The busy holiday shopping season is behind us and now gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers are in their peak period of participation and new memberships thanks to New Year’s resolutions.
Here are 10 Genesee County gyms just waiting to help you embrace the mantra "New Year, New You".



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