Usually the first full week of January is when those New Year’s resolutions kick into high gear. I mean, we do allow ourselves a couple days to recover from New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day before really hitting it hard because 9 out of 10 times it involves getting in shape.

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No matter when it starts, people across the country are ready to set their goals for the New Year. Whether it’s losing weight, finishing those projects you wanted to get done, or saving money, people are ready to make a change in 2021.

The career search hub, Zippia recently determined the most popular New Year’s resolution in each state according to analyzed Google data, and here's what they found.

After the year we had in 2020, it’s not a big surprise that one of the top resolutions in the country is to lose those extra pounds we seemed to have put on during quarantine. It also wasn’t a surprise to see that therapy was the most popular resolution in 12 states. Our mental health has definitely moved to the forefront after the trying year we just finished.

There were also the "usual" like a good nights sleep, and saving money for a nice vacation  or a new home but here  in Michigan... we’re just looking for love.

According to the study, Michiganders are looking for that special someone. Dating is the number one New Year’s resolution here in the Mitten state.  No, it doesn’t say if that just means dating up a storm or actually looking for a committed relationship, but either way here in Michigan we want to find that special someone whether it’s for a night, or forever.

Take a look at the other top New Year's resolutions by state:


  • Alabama: Weight loss
  • Alaska: Better sleep
  • Arizona: Therapy
  • Arkansas: Read more
  • California: Dating
  • Colorado: Meet new people
  • Connecticut: Therapy
  • Delaware: Weight loss
  • D.C.: Dating
  • Florida: Therapy
  • Georgia: Read more
  • Hawaii: Dating
  • Idaho: Weight training
  • Illinois: Dating
  • Indiana: Weight loss
  • Iowa: Save money
  • Kansas: Better sleep
  • Kentucky: Weight loss
  • Louisiana: Therapy
  • Maine: Therapy
  • Maryland: Therapy
  • Massachussetts: Vacation
  • Michigan: Dating
  • Minnesota: Therapy
  • Mississippi: Save money
  • Missouri: Therapy
  • Montana: Weight training
  • Nebraska: Weight training
  • Nevada: Dating
  • New Hampshire: Vacation
  • New Jersey: Therapy
  • New Mexico: Get a raise
  • New York: Therapy
  • North Carolina: Read more
  • North Dakota: Save money
  • Ohio: Weight loss
  • Oklahoma: Meet new people
  • Oregon: Better sleep
  • Pennsylvania: Therapy
  • Rhode Island: Weight loss
  • South Carolina: Read more
  • South Dakota: Quit drinking
  • Tennessee: Therapy
  • Texas: New job
  • Utah: Dating
  • Vermont: Weight loss
  • Virginia: Read more
  • Washington: Better sleep
  • West Virginia: Weight loss
  • Wisconsin: Vacation
  • Wyoming: New job


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