The Guinness World Record-holding cats have been missing since the weekend after a house fire.

Dr. Will Powers is offering a $25,000 reward, via Bitcoin, for the safe return of each of his three missing cats. The Farmington Hills doctor owns an F2 Savannah, who currently holds the world record for Tallest Domestic Cat, a Main Coon who holds the world record for Longest Tail, as well as another cat.

As of this weekend, all three are missing after a fire destroyed the Powers home.

The $25,000 applies to each of the cats. The Savannah, named Arcturus, is wearing a Tile tracker. It's a free app that can give GPS coordinates on anything from animals to car keys.

Somebody spotted a large cat on Monday night near 11 Mile and Farmington, so there are hopes the cats are still alive and just lost and hungry.

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