Saying "thank you" will never be enough.

Today was the final day of Cars 108's Roof Sit for the Whaley Children's Center on the roof of the McDonald's in Grand Blanc. We didn't know if it was going to happen this year and, if it did, how it was going to happen.

It did happen, and it was our best year yet.

We had four hours on the air to raise $20,000 if we wanted to match what we made last year. To put that in perspective, we raised $38,000 in the two previous FULL DAYS of broadcasting. To say that the pressure was intense is an understatement.

It was hot this morning. REALLY hot. The rain yesterday slowed down our donations, but it made for a more comfortable day on the roof.

In our last 40 minutes, we begged. And begged some more. We were at a point where we needed to remind ourselves that ANY amount is better than NOTHING at all, and that $38,000 was a huge accomplishment.

And then, the big donors came through. And, by 10 AM, our total had jumped to $70,000.

We're still speechless. That's $20,000 MORE than last year!

All we can do is to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everybody who donated, no matter how little or how big your donation was, it all added up. And, of course, a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors:

  • Flagpoles Etc.
  • Christenson & Fiederlein, PC
  • Mundy Family Care
  • Dort Financial Credit Union
  • Parker's Propane

...and to Home Depot, Signs by Crainne, Allied Rental and Tradewinds RV for the supplies to build our platform, the manpower, the lift and the RV.

And to the businesses who donated, including (but not limited to) Great Harvest Bread Co., Refinery Hair Co., Rock Bottom Stone Supply, Davison Home Bakery, and to the previous owners of the McDonald's, Kirk and Marie Heath.

Finally, thank you SO MUCH to Tina and the staff of the Grand Blanc McDonald's for putting up with us for three days.
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Last Day of Roof Sit 2020

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