She can't even vote yet, but she's done with her undergraduate education.

Sarah Meyer, a teenager from Ludington, is graduating this weekend, like many kids her age. Except she's one big step ahead - she's not graduating from high school, she's graduating from COLLEGE. With her bachelor's degree.

And it didn't come easily, in a social sense. Sarah was picked on a lot when she was younger for being smart. So much so that her mom pulled her out of school to homeschool her in 8th grade, but that was short-lived, too: Sarah said she was "bored."

She was admitted to West Shore Community College at 13 and graduated with her associate's degree at the age of 15, and then went on to CMU. She's graduating this weekend with her bachelors in geographic information systems, or for those of us who didn't graduate college when we were 17, it's basically mapping.

She even tutors other college students! This girl is going places. Congratulations, Sarah!

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