Central Michigan University earned a spot in the Arizona Bowl but Covid has disrupted pretty much all of College Football. Now the Chips are playing in The Sun Bowl.

The 2021 College Bowl season has been devastated by Covid with multiple teams being forced to withdraw from bowl games they were supposed to appear in. That's what happened to CMU's original opponent, Boise State, in the Arizona Bowl.

Bowl game officials have been scrambling to try and find a way to make the games happen despite teams dropping out at the last minute.  The Sun Bowl organizers found themselves in the same situation after Miami was forced to cancel due to Covid.

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In the end, bowl organizers were able to make it work out for the two teams left without opponents. It was decided late Monday night that Central Michigan will play Washington State Friday, December 31st in the Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl.

This will be the first time that CMU is appearing in the Sun Bowl, and they will be the home team against Washington State. CMU is hoping to pick up their first bowl game win since 2012.

How much of an impact will such a late change have on both CMU and WSU?

The impact on Washington State should be fairly small. They arrived in El Paso on Sunday, so their travel plans are not changing at all. The only thing they have to deal with is changing game plans to fit their new opponent.

Luckily for Central Michigan, they were already in Arizona for their bowl game. Obviously, the game is in Texas, but the trip from Arizona to Texas is quite a bit easier than Michigan to Texas.

You can watch the Sun Bowl on CBS at Noon on New Year's Eve . . . oh yeah one more thing. GO! FIRE UP CHIPS!

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