You're about to meet a 17-year-old band student from southeast Michigan who's so good, he's been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Zach Zuber attends Lakeland High School in White Lake, Michigan has been studying music for about seven years and is now preparing for the concert of a lifetime, set to take place on February 4.

Practice, Practice, Practice

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? 'Practice, practice, practice' as the old joke goes. Zach, who plays the French horn, will play second chair when he performs as part of the high school honors orchestra.

“I’ll be in New York for about five days,” said Zuber. “And then after that, I have a bunch of college auditions and stuff for next fall.”

He tells Detroit TV station WDIV-TV that he feels honored to be invited to play at the legendary music hall.

“A lot of professionals even, they don’t really get the opportunity to play there,” Zuber said. “So, as a high schooler, it really is just an absolute honor to play there.”


Band Students From Around the World

Zach will be playing with some of the highest-rated young performers in the world, including those from Canada, South Korea, and China. Students from 48 US states have been invited to perform in this year's performance.

Behind Every Great Man

Zuber credits his band teacher and other teachers for pushing him to be the best that he can be and admits that he's worked hard to reach this goal. But he tells the TV Station that his mom, Tina, has been instrumental in his success so far.

“My mom has been a huge inspiration for a lot of my life, especially now,” Zuber said. “But without her, I really couldn’t do it.”

We wish Zach the best as he takes the stage in New York on February 4.

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