Driving north along M-15 from Genesee County crossing into Tuscola County the scenery is a little more rural. Among the small towns and farmland, you'll find hidden gem restaurants, bars & grills to "fill your tank" along your route. (See Lapeer County's Bucket List Restaurants and Genesee County's, too.)

What are the best places to eat in Tuscola County, MI?

  • From the bottom of the Saginaw Bay to Millington and everything in between. Fried dough balls are a trend you'll want to taste. Some with marinara for dipping or dessert-like coated in cinnamon & sugar. Each of the places highlighted have been around for generations or newer to the food scene. One spot even showcases a flavorful homemade menu... and bowling.
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Which bars & restaurants are best to take friends and family in Tuscola County, MI?

This list was created with a few filters. It's not scientific by any means.

  • Locally owned, non-chain spots to dine.
  • History -- some places have been in business for generations. Maybe newcomers don't know about, or current residents have forgotten about them.
  • New(er) spots serving the community.
  • Great food, service and atmosphere. (I realize that's subjective)
Philly Cheesesteak

As I always suggest, use this bucket list checklist before you go:

  • Check menus ahead, if you're entertaining friends from out of town.
  • Invite people that 'never try anything new' or always say 'there's nothing to do around here' on purpose.
  • Try something new or ask a server for the most famous/popular menu items/drinks.
  • Make a note of the spots you love and tell everyone you know.

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