We're all guilty of finding a favorite, regular restaurant or bar to frequent around the greater Flint area and never remembering to try other places that have been in our communities for decades or just opened.

Where are the best places to eat in Genesee County, MI?

It turns out, there's at least one great spot to dine or imbibe, have a drink with friends, in each city in Genesee County, MI... even Rankin.

The places I've highlighted below specialize in great flavors whether you're seeking authentic Mexican, American or even Lebanese cuisine. Or, maybe you want a mouth-watering bar burger, brunch or a Bloody Mary that doubles as a meal -- you'll find those joints, too.

Which bars and restaurants are the best to try or take friends in Genesee County, MI?

  • The list of eateries and taverns, below, could be your new bucket list. We should make an unspoken Flint-area challenge to try each of these spots around the county over the course of a year. A couple tips before you get in the car:
    • Check out the menus ahead of time if you're entertaining friends from out of town.
    • Be sure to enlist your family & friends that 'never try anything new' or always say 'there's nothing to do around here,' 'there's no good restaurants around here' (grammatical error intended), or 'it takes too long to drive there.' Make those your dining crew.
    • Try something new or ask for their most famous/popular menu items/drinks.
    • Make a note of the spots you love and tell everyone you know.
Woman enjoying eating burger at restaurant

You might wonder why some legendary places were left off the list -- that's no slight to those businesses. These spots were chosen for their longevity, creativity, their new-er status, cozy/inviting atmosphere or maybe because people have forgotten they're still around. I'm not a professional foodie, but sure love sharing tips for a great experience around our hometowns. Please feel free to share your own favs by leaving a message using our app chat feature.

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20+ Good Eats: Genesee County, MI Restaurant Bucket List

Best Bars and Restaurants In Genesee County, MI

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