Dog Versus Porcupine – Guess Who Won [Video]
I let my four beloved rat terriers out early this morning, while it was still dark, and within minutes they started to bark in such a way that I had to think to myself "oh no, what did they find?" Sure enough, they had something cornered! Fortunately, it wasn't a porcupine, unlike the poor…
Have A Plan For Your Pet When Fireworks Start
It is not too early to start thinking about your pet with the 4th of July on the horizon. Most dogs and cats are afraid of the sound of fireworks.
This year the "sound" could well be enhanced by a new change in the laws that allows more explosive fireworks in Michigan. So, how do yo…
What Kind Of Dog Will Get You The Most Dates?
Recent research tells us that people make assumptions about what kind of person you are by the type of dog that you have. And, someone from the opposite sex derive their thoughts about you based on what kind of dog you have?

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